Virtual Staging Service

Furnish your home without the hassle of furniture.
Virtually staged room (drag arrows to reveal)
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Virtual Staging

Let us help you rent or sell your property faster with our virtual staging service.

  • virtually stage 2D images and 3D tours
  • remove unwanted furniture and clutter
  • beautiful photo-realistic results
  • less than the cost of phyical staging
  • integration with VR (with 3D tours)
  • delivery by web, email, cloud, or usb
Virtually staged 3D tour (click to start)
Note that 3D virtual staging requires purchase of 3D Tour (separate cost)


We recommend starting with empty, clean rooms (we offer a cleaning service if needed).

$499* for 1 bedroom home or apartment

$699* for 2 bedroom home or apartment

$899* for 3 bedroom home or aparment

$1099* for 4 bedroom home or apartment

* plus applicable taxes. prices are subject to change without notice.

Try our 3D tour, video tour, and photography services for a complete property marketing solution.

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