3D Tour Service

Our premium 3D tours bring your property to life and make covid-safe showings a reality.

3D Tours

Let us help you rent or sell your property faster with our 3D tour service.

  • interactive 3D property tour
  • floorplans and room measurements
  • video and photo integration
  • virtual reality support
  • agent and brokerage branding
  • social marketing and web analytics
  • delivery by web, cloud, or usb

Landlords also receive a free RentalGauge.ca listing with their 3D tour uploaded.

Live interactive demo (click to start)


All our premium 3D tours include detailed floorplans, measurement tools, and enhanced HDR photos.

Property** Size
Premium 3D Tour with Video Tour
up to 2500 sq ft $279* $499*
up to 3000 sq ft $319* $559*
up to 3500 sq ft $359* $619*
up to 4000 sq ft $399* $679*
up to 4500 sq ft $439* $739*
up to 5000 sq ft $479* $799*
* plus applicable taxes. prices are subject to change without notice.
** property is defined as a single-family home, single rental unit, or single business location.

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